Where are you getting your info from? In my experience, I’ve noticed that white supremacists like to manipulate crime statistics in order to claim that nonwhite minorities, especially African-Americans, are far more likely to commit crimes, and are the source of most violent crimes against whites, and therefore, blacks commit the most crimes.

The problem with the type of logic you’re using here is that you’re assuming that an entire group of people is responsible for the actions of some, and that the entire group should be criminalized for it.

This problem with this misleading perception — that Blacks commit more crimes and therefore, this justifies the fact that Black people are policed more — is that this is not actually correct. For one thing, an overwhelming percentage of Blacks are not criminals. For those who have been convicted of crimes, studies show that roughly 75% of Blacks in prison are in prison for nonviolent, low-level drug offenses. (Bureau of Justice Statistics)

Statements like “black people commit more crimes than white people” are used to justify a sincere belief that black people have a natural criminal propensity, or that they are raised in a culture of violence, and that’s to blame for all the problems faced by black Americans.

But it simply isn’t true.

Black people make up about 13% of the United States total population, and white people make up 64%. Black people make up 40% of the prison population, and white people 39%. The fact is, white men are just as dangerous as black men, but black men are held more accountable than white men.

Drawing on the figures from the Bureau of Justice Statistics, in 2012, whites were arrested for over 275,000 violent crimes. Blacks were arrested for about 170,000 violent crimes. So while whites were arrested more, the arrest rate for blacks is nearly four times that for whites.

So what is happening here is that an entire group of people who indisputably are not committing crimes, and are not guilty, end up being criminalized because of the logic you just quoted here.

I think it’s more important (and more telling) to read the statistics that show black people are 7 times more likely than white people to be wrongly convicted of murder (from a study for the National Registry of Exonerations). And even though the national evidence on drug use shows that blacks and whites use illegal drugs at about the same rate, blacks are about five times as likely to go to prison for drug possession as whites — and judging from exonerations, innocent black people are about 12 times more likely to be convicted of drug crimes than innocent white people.

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