To The Class Of 2020, Who Deserves A F*king Parade

In defense of Gen Z during a global pandemic

My daughter is one of our nation’s high school seniors right now, the class of 2020. For all the ribbing my husband and I gave her last summer, speculating on which sappy, clichéd class motto might be chosen for them (I can see the future with 20/20 vision!) at this moment, things aren’t looking so clear. I guess that’s just par for the course, though, when you’re in the middle of a global pandemic and unprecedented national emergency.

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Who are Gen Z?

Sometimes known as “zoomers,” or post-millennials, Gen Z includes all the babies born in America between the years of 1997–2012. Some labels differ, placing Gen Z as those born between 1995–2010, or between 1995–2019. To clarify, I’m using the years designated by the latest Pew Research: 1997–2012. (Gen Alpha is the demographic cohort succeeding Gen Z.)

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