“The Right Doesn’t Want to End Abortion — They Want to Control Women.” Fully agree with you. Sure, maybe they really do care about “saving the babies.” Maybe they’re even passionate about the cause. But — unless I’m mistaken — the Right seems to cherish this value because of “the sanctity of life” in general. That’s what seems to be at the core of their anti-abortion stance, right? Protect all the poor little potential humans who might not even have a chance? Which makes their whole argument fall apart, because they don’t really believe in the sanctity of life.

Aside from the examples you listed proving this point, I’d add a couple of other hypocrisies that show exactly how much they value the “sanctity of life”:

  1. Many of these “right to life” Christians are perfectly okay with the death penalty.

They’d likely argue, “but those are criminals; they chose that ‘lifestyle,’ but unborn babies are just innocent victims.” Of course, they conveniently ignore the fact that innocent people have been put to death for crimes they didn’t commit.

Or maybe, they’d argue the bible supports capital punishment, i.e., “the wages of sin are death.” But having grown up Christian myself, I know what the bible says — we could argue all day regarding whether or not “all sins are equal in God’s eyes” — but the anti-abortionist Christians are usually following Old Testament scriptures supporting capital punishment. Cherry-picking. Cafeteria Christians.

Again, they conveniently ignore relevant (and more important) info, like, how in the New Testament, Jesus advised his followers not to observe the Jewish law that allowed for retributive punishment, or how he saved a woman who was guilty of a capital offense (adultery — caught in the act). For the adulterous woman, the law of Jesus’ time mandated the death penalty, but Jesus put a stop to that when he said, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” One of the morals of this story being: If you want to follow Christ’s teachings, then you recognize that only a divine, perfect God could have power over these type of judgments.

In short, the Right (or more specifically, the “Christian Right”) only value the sanctity of life when it benefits and furthers the “good ‘ol boy” hierarchy already in place (as you referenced here in this piece), the white, cishet, Christian men in power.

It’s a completely hyprocritical stance I’ll never understand, and the main reason I left organized religion. Because what we know of the historical figure of Jesus is that he aligned himself with the broken, poor, and powerless; the marginalized and maligned among society. The outcasts. Jesus represented all the same values as modern day liberals, “SJWs,” and even that lovely label meant as pejorative, “snowflakes;” ironically, all the people for whom the “Christian Right” have no tolerance.

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