That you used the word "innocent" here is curious. Not really sure what you intended to say. But everything else in this sentence is inaccurate. It really would be best if people didn't try to speak with authority on a subject they're entirely ignorant of, because words like these are actually quite dangerous to the trans community. The whole "teenagers demanding that their breasts or testicles be removed" is a trope. Many, many trans people don't want (or choose) to have any gender affirming medical treatments or surgeries (of which there are hundreds to choose from - not just one or two). For many trans folks, transitioning is a lifelong process.

And for the record, puberty blockers do not cause "devastating health consequences." Again, you're repeating willfully ignorant and dangerous rhetoric. They've been used in longitudinal studies since the 1950s with the only adverse side effect being a potential bone density effect.

What does cause devastating health consequences is when parents/families teach children to suppress rather than allow them to express their true gender identity. This one factor is what leads to suicide for many trans teens. But don't just take my word for it. Every credible medical organization, mental health/psychological/psychiatric association, pediatric, endocrinology, etc., etc., etc., have all released position statements over the past decade saying exactly what I'm saying here. That gender affirming care saves lives.

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