Thank you so much for your voice, Elliot Ames. This point can’t be stressed enough — that cis people (like myself) are making policies that affect trans & gnc people while having no understanding whatsoever of what it means to be trans, let alone, to live with dysphoria. I only understand gender dysphoria a little, because of the privileged, narrow lens that I have into my trans teen’s life. I don’t personally experience it, but I don’t have to in order to literally see how awful it is.

My heart aches right now for all trans people. I truly wish it hadn’t taken something so up close and personal (my child being trans) for me to start paying attention and caring about things that don’t affect me personally. What’s heartening is that occasionally, I hear from readers who have “crossed over” from a place of intolerance, fear, judgment and condemnation, to a place of compassionate empathy. Those handfuls of people restore my faith in humanity.

I’m so sorry you’re dealing with all the closed doors right now. If it’s any comfort, I have a friend, trans male, who was able to get his top surgery done just last month. Not sure what area of the country you’re in (and I know my friend has had this planned in the works for several years now), but there’s got to be more places who providing LGBTQ-friendly care than we know of.

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Seen in HuffPost, Scary Mommy, etc; heard @ NPR, SiriusXM, TIFO podcast & more. Gender dismantling trailblazer. Political news junkie. TikTok aficionado. Mom.

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