Thank you for this! The first three of your “common errors” listed are the exact same ones I see a lot. I’d add one more, although this maybe applies more to academic writing. It came from my favorite psychology professor, mentor & thesis advisor. He’s no longer alive, but I remember so much of his advice (and his humor). He was an older man and he’d often show up for lectures in full costume & wig, dressed as whichever psychology giant he was lecturing on that day. Then he’d deliver the lecture with the dialect and mannerisms of, say, Sigmund Freud. He loved reminding his classes of the Orwell tip: “Never use a long word where a short one will do.” But he’d usually rephrase it ironically, like: “Never use an unwarranted word when a concise one will suffice,” and then look around to see if anyone laughed ;-) His biggest pet peeve, he said, was “why write the word ‘utilize’ instead of ‘use’? It doesn’t make you sound more scholarly.”

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