So, Chris, here’s the thing: I kinda have this belief that no one should attempt to critique a piece of writing if they haven’t actually read the whole thing, regardless of length. Kind of like how all of America should read the entire 448 pages of Robert Mueller’s report. Otherwise, they can’t really make accurate or appropriate responses, nor can they know the entire, apolitical, evidence-based truths that were allowed to be revealed within the parameters of this investigation.

The NYT did a neat little package with searchable index here, a searchable pdf of the report can be found here, and if that’s just too much to read, then folks can head over to — they’ve done a nice summary here, and The Atlantic details a breakdown of the report’s most important parts here.

I’ll absolutely admit that my piece is “quite long.” That tends to be how I write, for better or worse. Brevity isn’t my strength. It’s always a work in progress.

I’d be remiss not to point out the amusing irony, though — that after saying my piece was “quite long” you immediately wrote a “quite long” response back to me, on a piece you haven’t even read, before ultimately coming to your own conclusion that you might maybe want to start your comment as a new story.

That said, I’m relieved we see eye-to-eye that trump is not intelligent. But if you go back and read my piece, including the hyperlinks provided within, you’ll realize that trump is not “successful” either. That’s unfortunately the impression folks have when they haven’t done any research on him, or just have surface-level knowledge and ideas of his “accomplishments.”

You sound like a smart person; I’d highly recommend reading more into trump’s past. The “successful” image he’s curated is nothing but smoke & mirrors, a con job. Smart people deserve to know this. I quoted some numbers in the piece showing how much he managed to lose in revenue over a ten year period, even when the odds were in his favor. When you have the time (or if you even care to), go back and read the whole piece and follow the hyperlinks to read more.

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