Right… because that’s exactly how it happens.

I don’t understand how people like you can just simplify the lived experiences of folks like me down to, “So your kid likes pink, therefore you think they’re in the wrong body, and you are setting them up for a lifetime of surgery and drugs…” Honestly, why reveal your ignorance on this topic so willingly?

Guessing you have no idea that many trans people don’t take any drugs or have any surgeries (of which there are hundreds specifically related to transitioning). You probably also don’t understand that for any “drugs” related to transitioning, you can’t just waltz into a doctor’s office one day and request that. They don’t just hand it out like it’s Prozac.

For one thing, parents of minors (or trans adults advocating for themselves) have to see an endocrinologist, which only happens after a referral is written from a therapist, often one who specializes in gender, who can provide essentially years worth of paperwork documenting a trans person’s clincially diagnosed history with gender dysphoria and/or related issues.

Even if the child, the therapist, pediatrician, endocrinologist, and parents are all in agreement that something like temporary puberty blockers (the only “drug” available for minor trans kids in the U.S., and can only be taken at Tanner stage II of puberty development) is the best course of action to save their child’s life (because trans youth are the most at-risk to attempt or complete suicide), many people then have to deal with insurance companies not paying for it, and something like puberty blockers — which have to be given at regular intervals that vary depending on the drug used — can run your tab up to amounts of $18,000 or more per year/$1,500 per month.

I really wish people would open their minds and attempt to learn something they know nothing about rather than perpetuate ignorant myths. Comments like yours prove exactly how far we still haven’t come after 40 years.

Dismantler of gender norms. Political news junkie. TikTok aficionado. Mom of 3. Work seen/heard @ HuffPost, Scary Mommy, NPR, SiriusXM, LTYM, TIFO podcast, etc.

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