Question: What’s it like to live life in perpetual fear and loathing? To admittedly vote for a “Republican donkey” who you don’t even like, as opposed to someone more qualified for the job (but who you happen to hate even worse and therefore can’t vote for)?

When your privilege to vote is motivated by hate, that is pitiful in and of itself, but it also speaks volumes about Republicans (or anyone) who would choose to vote for Trump again. And that you think only Democrats are hurt by the election of someone like Trump? Really? Are you honestly that clueless? Ironically, the people who will end up hurting the most in the long run because of Trump are the very people who voted for him.

And see, the thing is, Democrats don’t care that they are hated by certain voters (which is not a majority, by the way). Many of you voted for Trump specifically because you thought he didn’t care what others thought of him; “he speaks his mind!” you said. Incidentally, Trump does care. A LOT. As is plainly evidenced by his incessant, over-the-top need for hosting those repetitive, self-congratulatory rally speeches, and his constant whining about the “bad press” he receives, calling it “fake news” if it dares to criticize him.

Just because someone gives you a bad review doesn’t mean it’s “fake news”… Ex: you’re here criticizing me, yet I wouldn’t call you “fake news” or a “fake voter” or even a “troll,” “bot,” or “fake person.” You’re still a human being with strong feelings, just like the rest of us. And even though I disagree with you, I appreciate your right to speak your mind and hold your own opinions without penalty from the government.

Trump doesn’t get this. Trump sees himself as a victim despite being in the highest position in government. If he truly didn’t care what others thought, he wouldn’t rant all the time about people who don’t agree with him or don’t like him. This is the difference between him and most Democrats. Democrats legit don’t care if Trump enablers hate them, because we’re repulsed by the things many Trump enablers support.

I’ll happily admit both Democrats and Republicans have made some poor decisions in the past, as well as some good decisions. But Republicans, in refusing to stand up to a weakling, a playground bully-wannabe, have by default become the party of Trump. And that is the thing the majority of Americans don’t want to be associated with. So it doesn’t hurt Democrats that Trump enablers hate them. We’d much rather be the party associated with everything that’s opposite the cult of Trumpism.

I’d also have to argue that America did not decide Trump was better. America decided Hillary Clinton was better, so much so that she swamped Trump in the popular vote. She outran him by 2.9 million more votes. Literally, she won 2.9 million more individual votes than Trump did. More Americans voted for Hillary Clinton than any other losing presidential candidate in US history.

Of course, there were many, many who chose not to vote, and some 699,366 Americans who voted for neither Trump nor Clinton; they voted for miscellaneous write-ins. But that’s small change compared to Clinton’s 65,844,954 individual votes and Trump’s 62,979,879 individual votes.

Of course I understand how the electoral college works, and that the popular vote doesn’t elect the President (although typically, except in the cases recently of Al Gore and Donald Trump, the candidate who wins the popular vote also wins the electoral college vote).

In 2016, the electoral college failed to do their most important job: protect the American public from electing — in their blindness — a tyrant or irresponsible demagogue. And we the people don’t get a say in who makes up the electoral college. Hundreds of years ago, most white southerners supported the Electoral College because it counted their non-voting slaves as three-fifths of a person, and thus gave the South more influence than it would have enjoyed in a national vote. Which is kind of where we are today as well — with states like my own (North Carolina) guilty of gerrymandering and voter suppression, no wonder Trump won the electoral college votes.

So, just addressing the facts here: Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, so it’s not accurate to say “America decided he was the better alternative.”

Covering the intersection of culture, politics & equality. GenX. Mom of 3. Bylines: HuffPost, PopSugar, Scary Mommy; heard on NPR, SiriusXM, LTYM, TIFO podcast.

Covering the intersection of culture, politics & equality. GenX. Mom of 3. Bylines: HuffPost, PopSugar, Scary Mommy; heard on NPR, SiriusXM, LTYM, TIFO podcast.