OH. MY. GOD… wtf?! I didn’t think many neighborhoods could top the ones around here, but good Lord, yours sounds absolutely bonkers. So many questions about these groups. Like, why do they all have such unimaginative, quotidian names? (Like the “Citizens for Freedom” group in your neighborhood?) Or, for that matter, any of the grassroots Facebook groups like, “Patriots for America,” or “Conservatives Who Love America” — as if conservatives, republicans, or the party of trumpism has a monopoly on the act of loving one’s country…?

And why does every one of these “patriot” Facebook groups use a profile pic featuring a bald eagle in close-up, superimposed over an American flag? And why are they never good quality images, but more like cheap, airbrushed graphics that you could purchase at the annual carnival or state fair? Ick. All of it just reeks of propaganda.

Frankly, I think somewhere around 2015 the cult of trump got lead into somehow believing that jingoism was patriotism. And now they believe it with full, cult-like conviction.

And what is it with all the “deep state” conspiracy theories? I cannot wrap my head around it. CAN NOT. I have family members who believe this sh*t.

Oh — and I totally hear you on the vintage spice jars. Lol. When I was growing up, my Mom had a very small assortment of McCormick spices — cloves, nutmeg, allspice, chili powder, mustard powder, etc. When I moved out into my first apartment around 1994, I was cleaning out her spice cabinet and realized they were same jars that we’d had since 1974…

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