Oh, I’m familiar with Peterson. My degree is in Psychology, so I tend to pay attention to the community. I’ve heard his lectures, read some of his stuff. He’s kind of the Canadian version of America’s “Dr. Phil,” only, far more right wing and pro-conspiracy theory. He (like Dr. Phil) breaks the code of ethics of being a clinical psychologist (in America and Canada) by being a “celebrity psychologist.”

More recently, he was the subject of a professional misconduct complaint for his work as a clinical psychologist. As a result, Peterson issued a written promise that he would “respects his patients’ boundaries and will address how he communicates with them.”

The fact that he’s so offended by human rights organizations and gender neutral pronouns, for example, is enough to know he’s a quack. Pretending things like systemic racism don’t exist, and being anti-PC are all part of his shtick. (In his bubble, these things don’t exist because they don’t affect him personally — which is indicative of an ignorant, unyielding, fixed mindset of those who are stuck in the past.)

Peterson may even be the ultimate example of a white, cis/het man with unchecked privilege — a man whose life is in no way affected by these social and cultural shifts, except for the mere discomfort they cause him. He’s part of the group of men who imagine themselves victimized every time society evolves, resulting in their slight displacement from a hierarchy of superiority: being a white, cis/het male who benefits off the patriarchy. (*Playing the world’s tiniest violin in his direction.*)

Weighing his offense over issues that don’t personally affect him, versus, say, a black trans woman whose very life is at risk just for being herself? The majority of good, decent, ethical people will err on the side of protecting “the least of these.”

It’s most ironic that Peterson is guilty of the very thing he’s against: being compelled to find something to fight against.

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Seen in HuffPost, Scary Mommy, etc; heard @ NPR, SiriusXM, TIFO podcast & more. Gender dismantling trailblazer. Political news junkie. TikTok aficionado. Mom.

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