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With Mary Trump’s book release, can you hear me *now?*

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  1. the surprise SCOTUS ruling that delivered historic wins on several fronts, including key victories for the LGBTQ community and Native Americans. (Plus, the fact that the Supreme Court also issued a clear rejection of Donald Trump’s claim of absolute immunity for himself, his businesses, and his children from state grand jury subpoenas and subpoenas from three congressional committees. So, you know, there’s that, a small glimmer of justice and hope that stands out *in the eye of a hurricane.)
    *Props to you if you just, in your head, sang “in the eye of a hurricane,” Hamilton style.
  2. And, most importantly, the Black Lives Matter movement has gained righteous momentum. Finally. It was long overdue for us to (at the very least) collectively acknowledge the realities of systemic racism in America. The privileged choice to look away as Black lives are being mercilessly terrorized and murdered in the streets — usually by insecure, power-hungry White men, in broad daylight, with full knowledge that someone nearby was probably recording or live-streaming — has become a harder thing to do.
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