I hear you; people can be lost to anything. But the fact of the matter is, there was no “liberal” mainstream media when Fox News launched in 1996. But Fox News was indisputably conceived and started as “GOP TV,” overtly Republican/Conservative. Which, through research shows us, was a plan in place (at least in theory) since the 1960s. There’s no evidence of any president before Nixon who wanted to have their political party host state-run TV news.

It was Fox News who echoed (and by default, created) the term “liberal media,” which they learned from Ailes & Nixon who called the news “liberal” strictly because they perceived that it was liberal. But it actually wasn’t — news was just news, pretty much up until Fox entered the scene, i.e., “just the facts ma’am.”

My Dad was TV news anchor in the 70s-80s. As a kid, I spent every single day of my summer vacation in his office and TV studio; I eventually understood the business well. There were strict guidelines they had to follow in order to not give any semblance of political bias (which is where the term “political correctness” comes from.)

At any rate, Fox News is responsible for the political division on television news. I think everyone in America, at the very least, deserves to understand that.

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