I fully agree with you that being well-articulated does not necessarily mean that one is right. However, I wouldn’t call either Lindsay Graham or Ted Cruz well-articulated, so that’s one point where we disagree.

What do they see that I don’t? The fear of Trump having dirt on them and power over them, with the capacity to ruin their lives. That’s what they see that I don’t.

I know well the concept of cognitive dissonance. I experienced it personally when I went through an epiphany that led to my understanding of systemic racism in America, and my own reckoning with being white and how I’d always benefitted from white privilege in ways I’d never even realized before.

Yes, I’ve heard of Operation Mockingbird. I’m guessing you’re also familiar with Roger Ailes’ secret Nixon-Era Blueprint for Fox News?

I fully agree with you that Washington has been corrupt forever. I’d still take it any day over North Korea, Russia, Sudan, Syria, Turkey, and others. Donald Trump is not the answer.

Dismantler of gender norms. Political news junkie. TikTok aficionado. Mom of 3. Work seen/heard @ HuffPost, Scary Mommy, NPR, SiriusXM, LTYM, TIFO podcast, etc.

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