Hi Robert, thanks for reading and responding. But see, here’s the thing: you say it’s misleading to characterize Trump’s (presumed) mental disorders without first incorporating the findings of a medical history and complete physical and psychological examinations; I’d agree with you on this, but — and this was kinda the point of my piece — Trump will never submit to a real, unbiased, professional medical history, nor will he submit to complete physical and psychological examinations. Because of his Dunning-Kruger cognitive bias; because he doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with him, when the rest of us can all see with the naked eye that at the very least, he needs to lose weight.

And even if he did submit to thorough examinations, he’d never allow the full, honest, accurate results and diagnoses to make their way into the public eye. We’ve heard various corroborating accounts of his former physicians all lying outright for him — about his bone spurs, about his weight, about everything.

We also now know (thanks to Rachel Maddow’s excellent journalism and reporting) that former White House physician Dr. Ronny Jackson didn’t even sign that over-the-top glowing letter that painted a portrait of Trump’s stellar health, as it was signed “Dr. Ronnie Jackson,” and that certainly is not how Dr. Jackson spells his first name.

So we’ll never know for sure — we’re left in limbo, in a place where all we can do is speculate.

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