Hi Patty, thanks for reading and responding, and to answer your question, YES YOU CAN :-)

And if he’s “teflon man — nothing sticks,” then seems to me we shouldn’t expect his presidency to, either.

On the final voting count from 2016, Clinton received 65,844,610 votes, or 48.2% of the total vote. trump: 62,979,636 votes, or 46.1 of the total vote (A difference of 2.86 million votes, with Clinton clearly outpacing trump.)

The remaining 5.7% of the vote went to other candidates, and an estimated 100 million people roughly 43% of eligible voters, nearly half — couldn’t be bothered to vote at all in the 2016 election. Our hope lies within the 43% of people who didn’t vote last time. I imagine some of them will vote, but many won’t, simply because they don’t care.

In another response, I wrote this next part (because someone will always point it out):

To preemptively respond to what folks typically say at this point, yes, I am aware that voting for the POTUS isn’t a “popularity contest.” Yes, I’m aware of that little thing called the electoral college. However, the electoral college failed our country. They failed in fulfilling their most fundamental, basic obligation to the country, as designed by our founding fathers, which was to establish separation of powers, and to avert foreign interference, to serve as more of a nominating body than sole selector of the President.

Our founding fathers intended that the process of election would guarantee “that the office of president will never fall to the lot of any man who is not in an eminent degree endowed with the requisite qualifications.” — Alexander Hamilton, 1788.

But unfortunately, our current electoral college system looks nothing like what the founding fathers anticipated. Currently, our electoral college is composed of diehard political party activists chosen for their allegiance to their party, right or wrong. It’s a miracle that we even had the 10 “faithless electors” in the 2016 presidential election, who actually put country above party (thanks to the Hamilton Electors), because despite those faithless electors, we still have a supermajority GOP that can and does overrule, and suppresses voting districts by tactics like gerrymandering, often, “with surgical precision” (as it was accurately described in my state). There was no way the republican candidate wasn’t going to “win.”

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