Hi, Lori VanValkenburg. Thanks so much for reading and responding. First, let me say thank you for loving your child unconditionally. For not letting fear run your life. Bravo to you, fellow MamaBear; I see you, I know the hard work you’re doing, and I appreciate you so much.

The old “kids are too young to understand gender” is a ridiculous myth that just needs to die out.

I wrote a piece including the notion here:

And here:

And writer/advocate extraordinaire, Cassie Brighter, wrote brilliantly about it here:

Another thing many folks don’t seem to realize is that we all have a gender journey, whether we realize it or not. As I wrote in another piece:

we all have a gender identity; it’s just that those of us who are cisgender don’t have to think about ours. Because our gender identity is considered the default norm in America. That’s a social privilege we have that we’re also conditioned to not even notice.

There are plenty of us here to help you out if you’re ever stumped by questions like these, because we’ve been there! Much love & support to you & yours.

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