Hi Leo, thanks for reading and responding! You wouldn’t find the Dunning-Kruger effect listed in the DSM-5 because it’s a cognitive bias, or a psychological phenomenon, rather than a mental disorder. However, I would definitely think Donald could be diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder as well as a few other things (if he were ever to get himself to a psychologist, which, you know, won’t happen. Because the Dunning-Kruger effect renders him thinking there’s absolutely nothing wrong and why in the world would he need a psychologist?) ;-)

Thanks for the great question, and best wishes on your college journey!

Oh — and I would definitely encourage you to reach out to Drs. Dunning & Kruger! I contacted several prominent psychologists during my undergrad research, and I was pleasantly surprised by how many of them responded back. They were also very gracious people.

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