Hi Chester, thanks so much for reading and responding. I couldn’t agree more that politics — and discourse in general— has devolved to a playground argument, mudslinging and all. Listening to the Strzok hearing last week proved as much. From Louie Gohmert’s “I wonder, how many times did you look so innocent into your wife’s eyes and lie to her?” to Bonnie Watson Coleman’s rebuke, “Do you need your medication?” (Though, I believe I’d make similar comments as her, if I had to endure the GOP’s public bullying like Strzok did).

Your very rational points about Trump supporters who use their minds vs. Trump supporters who don’t were spot on, and actually made me laugh out loud. And it usually takes a special brand of snark to make me laugh :-)

I also tend to agree with you about how change will have to happen. I’d say ultimately, it will have to hit Trump supporters where it hurts them (whether that’s their wallets, their jobs, their health insurance, or whatever). They seem to lack the necessary empathy to care about the greater good, and appear to be of the mindset, “If it don’t affect me, then I don’t give a damn.” That very necessary component of empathy for the greater good is the hallmark of liberalism and, for the most part, Democrats.

In my 40+ years I’ve never witnessed an election that highlighted someone’s moral deficiencies as a good thing. It has been reprehensible to watch. And the irony of the Trump supporters voting for him just so they could “stick it to the liberals?” It’s just astonishingly foolish; they fail to understand that the people who will ultimately be hurt the worst by Trump are the very ones who voted for him.

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