Hi Alexander, thanks for reading & responding. So actually, the concept of political correctness has been around here in America for a long time, and originally, it had nothing to do with what is and isn’t acceptable in a society. It had more to do with avoiding having a bias, particularly regarding journalists, reporters, and news rooms. Somewhere in the ’90s and into this century, it began getting more convoluted with other people’s perceptions of what it meant. Lots of books were written on the topic. More recently, over the past decade or so, its use has quadrupled within pop lexicon, and even more recently, has been weaponized by the conservative right. Here’s an excerpt from something else I wrote referring to this:

“Perhaps I inherited my distaste for corporate lingo from my father, a man who went from being a prominent local news anchor in the ’70s and ’80s, to more of a creative producer type when the young 20-somethings fresh from college took over the station, quickly replacing longstanding job titles with fresh, quirky, ambiguous ones. He’d bemoan “political correctness,” but this was during a time when the phrase was used more in the realm of self-critical satire. Especially in regards to journalism and its adoption of certain language use policies, most of which seemed to go out of their own way to avoid any semblance of bias.

Nowadays, the term “political correctness” has been hijacked and weaponized by the conservative right, who seem to think the mere act of trying not to be an offensive jerk to minority groups is nothing but excessive overkill.

“Everybody’s gotta be a victim now!” they cry without a hint of irony, failing to realize they’ve done a bang-up job creating a victim mentality all of their very own. They whine every time they hear another reference they perceive as being “PC.” “Who in their right mind would get offended over that?!” they ask, when in all probability, they’ve never even taken the time to listen to the kind of people for whom PC practices offer some semblance of protection or comfort.

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