Enemy of the People

What Jarrod Ramos, the Capital Gazette shooter, revealed in his Twitter account

While winding down after a Thursday I thought would never end, I caught the initial news reports releasing the name of the individual who’d allegedly gunned down and killed five people working at the Capital Gazette newspaper earlier that day. My curiosity took over and I went looking online for traces of this monster. I did a quick search on Facebook to see if his name came up. Nothing. But Twitter was a different story.

Screenshot of Jarrod Ramos’ Twitter page, taken Thurs night, 6/28/18
Screenshot of Jarrod Ramos, pictured in his own Twitter feed
A screenshot of Jarrod Ramos’ Twitter feed, on the day that he allegedly shot and killed 5 people and injured more, at the Capital Gazette. His account went dormant from Jan. 2016 until the day of the killings.
  • wishes for the physical harm, death, or disease of individuals or groups

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