Christopher, I’m not sure who your comments are addressed to — me, or were you responding to a different thread here within the comments sections?

It’s true that boys and girls grow up differently — but this is true because of how society collectively raises them, from the messages ingrained by parents & family from early on in infancy, to advertisements/media/entertainment/culture/religion/the community that reinforces those messages throughout the rest of our lives. However, it’s not always true to claim that “men and women are NOT the same physically or mentally,” either. Recent scientific research has been released (with more coming down the pipeline) that, as studied in MRI brain scan activity, the brains of transgender kids resemble their gender identity, NOT their sex assigned at birth (a.k.a. “biological sex.”)

I’m not saying we need to pretend that “masculinity” doesn’t exist at all. I”m just advocating that we teach there are many different ways of asserting one’s gender, many of which have nothing to do with our current yet outdated stereotypes.

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