And there’s a sect of them who believe that Donald Trump is the second coming of Christ. Literally.

The Fox “News” machine is actually classified as “entertainment,” not news. Much like OAN, The Federalist, The Blaze, Rush Limbaugh, and so many others. We never had “liberal media” until Fox achieved Roger Ailes’ goal of “GOP TV.”

Many families have been torn apart by the vitriol of Fox News, fringe conspiracy theories, and the self-victimization complex that Trump speaks directly to. As someone who’s been paying attention to all sides for many years, it’s very hard not to be angry at the Trump cult at this point. We tried in the beginning. We tried hard. To educate those around us — in gentle, loving ways. In return, they gaslighted us mercilessly.

Unfortunately, these people are in complete denial, or choose to remain willfully ignorant of the fact that Donald Trump is a failed “business man” and complete moron — nothing but a puppet for even more corrupt individuals like Mitch McConnell. And, all the while, also a puppet for Putin (plus, we still have the Russian disinformation campaign going on to this day, a lot of which fuels the very QAnon stuff you’ve referred to here).

At this point, our society needs to decide whether or not we will tolerate intolerance — particularly, the punching down by those in power that’s directed at marginalized groups in America — the ones I refer to as “the least of these.” Especially since those who call themselves “Christians” are many of the ones enabling these abuses.

Thanks for writing this piece, and for caring enough to go down the right wing rabbit hole.

Dismantler of gender norms. Political news junkie. TikTok aficionado. Mom of 3. Work seen/heard @ HuffPost, Scary Mommy, NPR, SiriusXM, LTYM, TIFO podcast, etc.

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