Let’s talk about what you’re *really* worried about instead

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I hear you, fellow parents and countless other adults. You pose this question to me a lot, and for the record, I want it known that I fully agree with you, on at least this one point. So let me say it loud and clear: wearing dresses or playing with dolls should be okay whether you have girl or boy parts. Period. The end.

Unfortunately, our society isn’t quite there yet.

My three kids all defied traditional gender roles and stereotypes to some degree. My oldest, a cishet male (now age 20) played with dolls as a child, and sometimes proudly wore a tutu while doing so. My next oldest, a cishet female (now 19) played with her big brother’s toy guns, and for a long while, she hated wearing anything girly. …

The answer is… politics in the era of reality TV show presidents

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Setting: Sometime in the not-too-distant future; on set recording of TV game show “Jeopardy.”

[end commercial break]

Alex Trebek: Welcome back! As you all know, our categories tonight are in the fun domain of portmanteaus. Good luck; here we go!

Contestant 1: (a quiet, unassuming librarian who loves knitting and cats and is hopelessly stereotypical) I’ll take Shakespearean portmanteaus for $200, Alex.

Trebek: Answer: Shakespeare writes a tragicomedy concerning the rise and fall of an American fruit drink beverage chain during the presidency of this modern aspiring tyrant.

Contestant 1: Who is… Orange Julius Caesar?

Trebek: He’s the one! Go ahead!

Contestant 1: Let’s move over to political portmanteaus for $200, please Alex.

Trebek: Here’s the clue: A brand of populism — perhaps jingoism — with a tinge of religious bigotry and white supremacy, all lumped together and masked under the false pretense of…

The circus sideshow has overstayed its welcome. It’s time for the Ringmaster to exit stage right.

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Image by Lisette Brodey from Pixabay

Breaking news headlines are coming like the head of a fire, fast and fevered; one can hardly expect to keep up anymore. But with a Trump presidency, did we expect anything less? As I sit here working, the latest coverage is all about Donald and Melania Trump testing positive for COVID-19, which, kind of feels like karma is finally rearing her angry head.

On the other hand, with the circus-like political climate and smoke & mirrors sideshows of the 45th administration, it seems normal to speculate if this news is even true at all. It’s a true testament to the current state of “abnormal-ness” when such a ploy is plausible. That it may just be the Republicans last, desperate campaign strategy, as they struggle to somehow save face in the wake of Trump’s unbelievably embarrassing debate performance. …


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Seen in HuffPost, Scary Mommy, etc; heard @ NPR, SiriusXM, TIFO podcast & more. Gender dismantling trailblazer. Political news junkie. TikTok aficionado. Mom.

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